Competition & Image Rules


Unless Stated Otherwise
Competition images can be Print or DPI format, or a combination of both Except for Open No1 PRINT ONLY.
Maximum number of images entered into a competition TWO, except Buy A Subject & Set Subject which is THREE images
and Master which is FIVE images
Colour or monochrome images accepted in each competition (apart from Open 2 – Mono Only).
As with last year all images will be marked out of 20 in all Premium Competitions
(not in fun competitions eg Digital Knockout).

Straight From The Camera Competition
Images should accurately reflect the subject matter/scene as taken by the camera.
Images that have been digitally altered in software, e.g. removal of sensor dust spots,
cropping, converted to monochrome, adjustments to exposure, saturation, contrast, and
sharpness are acceptable.
Combined multiple exposures, either in camera or in software, to produce a single “High Dynamic Range” image is acceptable. Images considered not to meet these requirements will be rejected.

Buy A Subject Competition & Set Subject (Max of 3 images can be entered)
Buy a Subject(s) are picked from the hat - £1.00 per subject or £2.00 for three subjects.
Set Subject - Urban (Knightshayes Trophy 2020 Subject)
You must use the subject for the title of the image, e.g.:
If you pick “Blue Sky” as your subject, then the image title will be - Blue Sky.jpg.
Enter more than one image using your “Blue Sky” subject then titles become - Blue Sky1.jpg, Blue Sky 2.jpg.
(Plus membership number as described in Image Rules Section further down the page)

By selecting more than one subject you can combine images/subject e.g.:
3 images - 1 subject or
2 images -1 subject and 1 image another subject or
3 images - 3 subjects.

Open 1 Competition PRINT ONLY
Subject Open.

Open 2 Monochrome Competition
Subject Open, but monochrome only.
Colour “popping” not allowed on the image.

Creative /Arty Or Alternative Reality Competition
Definition – Creative image showing an artistic bent or Alternative reality

Master Photographer Competition
Judge scores each image out of 20.
Five images - five subjects selected from the following:
Close up (Cu).
Landscape (L) – "Open Vista” with Sky, Town, Sea, or Land as the main subject.
Movement (M) – image portraying movement in the image.
People (Pe) – portraits, candid’s, normal or working habitat.
Sport (S) – showing sports event, with or without movement.
Creative /Arty /Alternative Reality (Cr)–Creative image showing an artistic bent/or Alternative reality
Natural History (NH) – not captive animals or pets or cultivated plants.
Strict rules apply to modifying images - see WCPF page Nature definition.
Architecture (A) – including parts of buildings or structures.
Animals (An) - domestic pets or wild animals, not human.

Title Format: (L) Image Title-Mxx



Image Size:
Landscape Format maximum 1600(w) by 1200(h) pixels.
Square Format maximum 1200(w) by 1200(h) pixels.
Portrait format maximum 1200(h) and up to a maximum of 1200(w) pixels.
You do not need a canvas around your image to make up the above sizes.
Colour spec = SRGB. File Format = jpeg.
When saving your image as a jpeg, use maximum quality setting.

Mounts and Printed Images
Mounts size - 50 by 40 cm.
Mounts colours – “judge’s preferences” tends towards white, off-white, cream, or black.
Print image within the mount can be any size providing of course it fits within the mount!
Do not use masking tape to attached printed image to mount. This type of tape can peel off damaging member’s prints and/or mounts within the print box.
Do not use “easily removed” sticky labels on the mount. These can peel off damaging member’s prints and/or mounts within the print box.
Write image title on the back of mount (suggest pencil).
With abstract prints mark which way is up on back of mount.
Please supply digital jpg images of all prints submitted. Format of dpi's as per above.

Image Title Format

Note: To help our administration process please use the file name separation character “-“
instead of “_” (underscore) as in previous competitions.

DPI File Name

Title-Mxx.jpg where Mxx is your membership number : e.g. The Tree - M04.jpg
Your membership number should include zeroes, e.g. M04 NOT M4.

For the Master Photographers Competition dpi title changes to the following:
(X) Title - Mxx.jpg where “(X)” is the subject of the image, e.g: (Cu) for Close Up, (An) Animals
etc Example: (Cu) The Tree – M04.jpg

Print File Name

Write title on the back of the mount, no membership number, : e.g. The Car Race

Digital jpg image of print Title - Mxx.jpg, e.g. The Car Race - M10.jpg

For the Master Photographers Competition title on back of mount changes to the following:
(X) Title.jpg, where “(X)” is the subject of the image, e.g.: (L) Instow

Master Photographers Competition File name for digital jpg image of print:
(L) Title – Mxx.jpg, : e.g. (L) Instow – M34.jpg