Frequently asked Questions & Answers

The Club

1. Who can join the club? Age 16 and above are all welcomed; you just need a keen interest in photography.
Please note though that until the age of 18 the member must be accompanied by an appropriate adult at all times.

2 Do I need to have an expensive DSLR camera? No, anything that can take a picture - from a mobile phone to a professional top of the range camera is fine.

3 What is the cost of joining the club? The current subscription is £60 payable each September but reduces if you join later on in the Winter e.g. In January the cost is £40.

4 More Info About The Club

Barnstaple Camera Club has been in existence since the early 1920’s meeting every Thursday throughout the year (apart from public holiday).  It’s a very friendly club, with a
mixture of genders - 19 females, 27 males (mostly aged 50 + but now have a handful of younger members) .  Abilities of the members range from the “point and shoot”
camera to some of the more professional range of DSLR’s and mirrorless cameras on the market.  With a mixed range of knowledge, skills and abilities within the
members, we can give advice on camera, computer systems (PC and Macs), and photo manipulating software and of course just how to take an image with your
camera and transfer that image onto your computer system.

Our Winter Programme (September to April), consist of a variety of speakers, competitions, fun and training evenings. The evening commences at 1930 hours but many
members arrive a little earlier so they can chat to other members .

We normally have a 10-15 min coffee/tea break halfway through the evening programme that provides an another opportunity to chat to the committee/members.

During the summer period (May to September), members meet every Thursday evening for the Summer Walks programme.  These walks are popular, provide an opportunity to
get out with your camera, take images, talk to like minded individuals, and visit some of the interesting areas around Barnstaple.  Members attending the summer walks do
tend to stop and have a meal on these evenings but this is optional for those attending.   We do not charge any membership fee over the summer period. New for summer
2018 we are planning to have 4 workshops to give further training on Photoshop/Elements and Lightroom (these are subject to demand and further details will follow later)

Directions to the hall we meet in can be found on the home page of this site.