Winter Programme 2021-22 (Sept - Apr).

Meetings will be held via Zoom at home, but this is constantly under review by the committee.
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9th Sept. Start-up Evening – “Members Zoom check & chat followed by salon videos”.
16th Sept. Kingswood Salver - selection panel.
Members Talk – “5 Minutes on Why You Got Into Photography”.
## ~ Hand in – "Buy A Subject"(DPI’s Only).
23rd Sept. Clive Greenland ASINWP QGPP LRPS - "Nature & Wildlife in the UK"
30th Sept. COMPETITION: – “Buy a Subject”. (Judge: George Reekie DPAGB ABPE).
## ~ Hand-in – “One to All” (1/2 DPI’s only). . Click here for details.
7th Oct. Ken Scott APRS, APAGB, MBPsS – “Touching the Light”.
## ~ Hand-in – “Monochrome” (DPI’s only).
14th Oct.: Members “One to All”. - click here for details.
21st Oct.: Mike Martin EFIAP AWPF- "Stairway to Heaven".
28th Oct. COMPETITION: - “Monochrome". - (Judge: Wendy Allard FEFIAP/b PPSA FRPS).
4th Nov. Antony Zacharias – “Long Exposure Photography”.
11th Nov. Jane, Andy & Steve’s Qualification Images, then members 10 images discussion.
## ~ Hand-in – “Straight From The Camera” (DPI’s only).
18th Nov. Ian Bateman FRPS MPAGB AV_AFIAP APAGB – “Present your Images as an AV Show”.
## ~ Hand in – “Digital KO 4 images” (DPI’s only).
25th Nov. COMPETITION: - “Straight From The Camera". - (Judge: Huw Alban).
2nd Dec. Fun Night - Digital KO 4 images, 4 rounds – Steve & Ron.
“Creative Flower Photography”.
16th Dec. Festive Evening with Judy & Daryl’s – “Romania Talk”.
## ~ Hand-in – “Battle of the Sexes” (DPI’s only).
23rd/30th Dec. Closed – No Meeting. Happy New Year to all our members.
6th Jan. COMPETITION: - “Battle of the Sexes". - (Judge:Maria Leekblade DPAGB AFIAP LRPS)
## ~ Hand in – “Creative & Set Subject - Simplicity”.
13th Jan. Leigh Preston FRPS EFIAP MPAGB – “Is this it, Street Photography and More”.
20th Jan. COMPETITION: “Creative & Simplicity.” - (Judge: Penny Piddock DPAGB, EFIAP)
27th Jan. Andrea Hargreaves FIPF MPAGB EFIAP/b BPE3 PSA4 – “The Art of Metamorphosis”.
3rd Feb. Andy Marland - “Exploring the Industrial North".
## ~ Hand-in – “Open DPI's Only”.
10th Feb. WCPF Print Travel Exhibition - TBC.
17th Feb. COMPETITION: “Open DPI's". - (Judge: Ian Bateman FRPS, MPAGB, AV_AFIAP, APAGB)
24th Feb. David Chapman – “Wildlife in Cornwall and the Scilly Islands”.
## ~ Hand in – “Scape & Set Subject -Triptych (3 on a theme but ONLY 1 image)".
3rd Mar. Huw Alban - "The Emotional Landscape".
10th Mar. COMPETITION: - “Scape and Triptych”. (Judge: Sandie Cox ARPS, DPAGB, AFIAP)
## ~ Hand in – “Club Event - AV’s and Members Talk”.
17th Mar. Club Event – Show us your AV’s, followed by members talk.
24th Mar. Brian Northmore – “On Dartmoor”.
## ~ Hand in – “Master Photographer”.
31st Mar. Fun Night – “Members Scoring Braunton CC images”.
7th Apr. COMPETITION: - “Master Photography”. (Judge – Pedro Landers)
12th Apr. 3B’s - “Braunton, Bideford, & Barnstaple” – host Bideford
14th Apr. AGM

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