April 2023 to September 2023

Summer Programme

Barnstaple Camera Club

Proposals for Summer ‘23
Following on from what were mixed responses to the summer programme last year, I intend to approach this year’s summer events rather differently.
For whatever reason, selecting a specific date and time for a specific venue didn’t prove to be particularly successful.
The weather and accessibility issues, amongst others, affected members decisions about whether to attend or not.
Choosing times and days of the week proved problematic for those members who still work; and some weekends were tricky for a few members.
Several people being at the same venue also led to the likelihood of images being replicated …although our trip to the Westcountry Wildlife Centre some time ago was a great success, even though we were all photographing the same things!
Some members want to go purely to take photographs, others might want to take photographs and use the opportunity to socialize; both views are respected.
Following on from the email I sent out on the 7th Feb. the following venues / events appear to be the ones favoured by those who responded to the email.
Arlington Court
Borough Farm Sheepdogs (& Falconry) www.boroughfarm.co.uk/shepherding-experience/
Exmoor Zoo – whole day - but avoid school holidays.
Ilfracombe Tors walk - pm then an evening harbour shoot?
A walking Treasure Hunt – Trish and Terri organizing – date to be advised.
Westward Ho! – evening photo shoot then fish n chips on the green.
Outdoor portrait shoot – pm/evening – Andy F to lead (thanks Andy) – date to be advised.
Hartland Abbey (for daffodils etc – between now and April) Quay / beach
2 x social evening get togethers at a ‘local’ hostelry – eg. The Cedars but open to suggestions. Any takers to organise these please? To book a table(s) big enough for us all to get around and chat.
Other venues that one or two of us will go to include;
Brownsham – for the bluebells - May
Heddon Valley
Bratton Down Point -to-Point
Gt Torrington, Castle Gardens.
Given sufficient notice, I might have access to a 17 seater minibus (£100 flat fee for the day + fuel) and, with sufficient numbers to justify it, I would consider organising whole day trips out to:
Slimbridge Wetland Centre, Gloucester - April to October – 9.30 to 5.30pm (to include a visit to Purton Ship graveyard, if time permits).
Group rates for Slimbridge (12 people or more) Adult - £12.75 –
Concession – 65+ - £10.81
Abbotsbury Swannery, Dorset – end of May / beginning of June.
Group rates for Abbotsbury (10 people or more) £8.95
March 18th to October 29th – every day from 10am to 5pm
If I don’t get the required numbers to justify the minibus, I anticipate that I’ll take my car and if anyone wants to join me, that’d be fine.
We did Lundy last year – maybe we leave that until next year?
Seafield House, Westward Ho! (an atmospheric derelict old house) – I need to do a risk assessment and ask those who want to go to sign a disclaimer – there’s no insurance cover by the owner of the house. I need to arrange this trip cos only a maximum of 10 people can go; if more want to go, I’ll have to arrange a second trip.
I’m in the throes of compiling a list of ‘other events’ in and around the area that members might like to make a note of – watch this space!
If anything crops up at the last minute, so to speak, or if we know that the weather looks particularly good for a venue, I can contact everyone via the WhatsApp pages or email.
I apologise if this message appears a bit prescriptive but I’d like us all to make the most of getting together when we can, albeit in small or larger groups.
We need to acknowledge that the club has an eclectic mix of members, with differing needs, interests and abilities.
I hope that this approach to members taking some responsibility for their own interests during the summer will produce some fantastic images which I hope will feature as a competition in the winter programme.
As always, I’m totally open to sensible suggestions regarding what you might like from the summer months.
Take care everyone and happy snapping.

Summer Programme 2023 Ideas

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